Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Service Dog follow up

So, less than a week after I post Service Dogs: ins and outs, the LA Times has done an article on how some people fake having service dogs:  Some Pet Owners Try to Skirt the Rules With Fake Service Dogs. Couldn't have said it better myself.  That, and a service ferret never really occurred to me, but I suppose they have nimble little paws.


  1. Interesting- I saw a guide dog leaving some local establishment recently- and the dog was so awkward that I thought it was the most poorly trained guide dog ever. Now I wonder if it was just a fake.

  2. Maybe it was his first day ;)

    It's horrible to even have to be suspicious of people in that manner, but it happens all the time, apparently. I see service dogs so rarely, I was ecstatic when I saw a seeing eye dog (those are harder to fake!) I'm such a working-dog groupie.