Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tennis Balls: Contestant Number Three

I am extremely fond of dollar stores.

They can have some shady items in them, such as obviously lead-painted children's toys, or toothpaste from other countries or whatnot, but I always do look at the dog toys.  The dollar store is where I get a lot of rope toys for Elka, because really, a rope is a rope, and if left alone with one, she can dispatch it quite readily.  Besides, those monkey fist knots are really cool, and that's what a lot of the Dollar Tree rope toys were for awhile.  Animated instructions to tie one can be found here, which is also rather cool.

This trip to the dollar store, I found a three pack of doggie tennis balls!  Patriotic ones, even.  It seemed appropriate.
Elka was very excited for this round of tennis balls.  Depending on the brand, the rubber smell is very strong.  The contrasting colors caught her attention as well, I'm sure, but though I've looked at scale of dog's color spectrum vision, I forgot what it said.  So that will be a story for another day.

The first ball, Elka was initially almost thoughtful with it, like a wine connoisseur at a tasting.  She wanted to know about the nose, the body, and the after notes.  This didn't last very long, however.
In the 45ish minutes since I got home from work, she decimated all three of them.  The first took the longest, at probably ten minutes.  The second and third were at five minutes and two respectively.  

 It looked sort of like a face when I picked it up off the floor, so I thought I would share it with you in that form as well.  Move over, painting elephants!  My Elka will make tennis ball art for the world!

So, I'd say Elka and I got our dollar's worth (plus tax!)  These may or may not have been fine fetch toys. I've noticed that doggie tennis balls in fact don't bounce nearly as well as the human sort.  When you're throwing them against an outer garage wall for high speed canine antics, these things matter.

However, I did also discover that you can buy things in bulk from the Dollar Tree website.  Paws and Claws in this context seems to be a brand specific to them, or at the very least, Amazon doesn't carry it and it does not appear readily on a Google search.

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