Monday, August 15, 2011

Dog Photography: Not as Easy As You'd Think

I'm not really a great photographer.  Elka's natural looks sort of balance out my lack of eye for things like composition, and being able to crop pictures so that she's more or less in the center of them really helps.

Something that doesn't really help is Elka's natural ability to move at the very second the picture is taken, so that what would have been exactly the shot I want it instead, well, something else.

So, for your amusement, a series of these attempts.  Really, I see so many beautiful pictures of dogs "in the field", I didn't realize the amount of casual skill those photographers were displaying.  Although, I am working on teaching Elka a "stop" command, meant to be like "freeze" when we humans play freeze tag: stop and stay in your tracks! Maybe that will help.

Eventually, I either get a picture that's reasonably close to what I want, or I just give up.  Either of these results in the camera being put away, and the walk resuming, which is really what Elka wants.

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