Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tennis Balls: Contestant Number Twelve

For this session of tennis ball destruction--I mean testing--we have an overseas contender.  At the end of July, a friend of ours went to Europe, and I asked if she could snag us a doggie tennis ball, to see how the ones from across the pond measured up.  So, this tennis ball came from Prague!  Elka was very excited at the foreign nature of this tennis ball, and could hardly contain herself.

Joke's on me, I suppose, as the tennis ball was still made in China. Apparently, though, overseas labels call it "P.R.C." meaning, I assume, the People's Republic of China. Not sure why they don't say that here in the U.S.  It also cost 14.90 Prague currency, which my friend assured me was around two bucks.

The ball was textured a bit differently than they normally seem to be, and the seam where the rubber halves got put together was very evident.  It smelled the way a tennis ball should. So, lead poisoning concerns aside, I handed it over to Elka.

You might accuse me of using stock photos of the top of Elka's head, but I assure you, it's authentic every time.

This is also not a stock photo, but something that she does, every time.  It's like the tennis ball is Big League Chew.

So, at the end, after all of that, the Prague tennis ball lasted for four minutes.  Which, really, seems to be par for the course.  


  1. And Miss Elka has just demonstrated why the best place to get tennis balls is in the grass around your local tennis court. They're not worth paying for when you have such strong choppers around the house.

  2. No, they most certainly are not! At this point, it's just an intellectual exercise (For me. Well, I guess for her as well, for all the resistance they put up). I just wonder, if "real" tennis balls are bad for dog teeth, but stand up to the punishment, what's so different about them from "dog" tennis balls? And why aren't "dog" tennis balls more rugged? Seriously.

  3. Haha I learned the hard way Kyuss should not have tennis balls. He ended up with green fuzzy poop for a few days. XD

  4. Luckily, Elka never seems to ingest what she destroys. She just pulls it apart and deposits the pieces on the floor all around her!