Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tennis Balls: Contestant Number Eleven (well, sort of)

I mentioned in Tennis Balls: Contestant Number Ten that I would be doing something a little different for this next installment.

You see, I didn't find a tennis ball for this next one (though there is one on deck).  I found a tennis bone.

I was intrigued, and slightly hopeful.  Perhaps the bone shape, couple with the tennis ball makeup, would make for a sturdier and longer lasting toy?  I found the toy at Dollar General, and on the back, there was actually an 800 number to call regarding a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  The notion of this guarantee fascinated me, and I wonder if it was there on purpose, really.  What kind of guarantee could they possibly  offer, for a $2 toy destined for the toothy maws of canines?  I have not called, and probably will not, tempting as it is.  I don't want anything out of anybody, or to harass customer service personnel, I'm just wildly curious.  

Elka was just as interested in tennis bone as she is in every tennis ball I've given her, and she carried it off to work on.  In short order, 7 minutes to be precise, she had one end opened up, with the rubber crumbling apart and the fabric peeled back.  I'm sure she was satisfied for those 7 minutes, at least!

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