Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tennis Balls: Contestant Number Ten!

Wow, ten different tennis ball brands. Or as different as dog tennis balls get. I'm beginning to think that there's some Uberfactory that makes all of these tennis balls that have doggie paws on them, and then the different companies distribute them, with their own labels. I actually had to go back through the blog to make sure I hadn't doubled up.

This next victim is from Walgreens, made of the now-familiar, extremely smelly rubber that doesn't bounce.  Oh yeah, and the bag was dirty.

Elka, as always, was an eager participant.

So eager, that, as may be predicted, the tennis ball did not last very long.  Five minutes each, for the first and the second.  It's funny, she now chews on them for a little while, then brings them to me to see if they're damaged enough.  If they aren't, I give them back.  If they are, I either give her the next one in the pack, or give her a treat.  She's my good little worker!

So, admittedly, Walgreens brand was a rather anticlimactic Number 10, and I have a notion of how to switch this up a little bit next time!

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