Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Help Stop Puppy Mills!

For those of you who are stateside, there's a petition on the White House website to stop puppy mills.

To prevent the suffering of dogs and puppies in puppy mills, will the President act to close the current regulatory loophole and require large-scale, commercial breeders who sell puppies online and directly to the public to be covered by USDA’s Animal Welfare Act regulations, including minimum standards for humane care and treatment? This will help to protect consumers from unknowingly buying sick puppies from inhumane facilities and help to eliminate the horrible conditions in large-scale puppy mills.

You need to create an account to sign the petition, but it is literally your name, an email address, and your zip code. They then send you an email to "complete your account", and you click that link to go back to the web site, where you can then sign the petition.

The petition apparently runs 'til October 23, and the goal was 5,000 people, but the current total is 11,033 signatures. Double the hoped-for response? That seems promising.

So, sign the petition today, and perhaps it will make a difference.


  1. Oh, this is great, I didn't know about this petition. Thanks for spreading the word!!

  2. You're welcome! I found it mostly by accident, really.