Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tennis Balls: (dark horse) Contestant Number 13

I've come to realize that I've pretty much exhausted my available tennis ball variety.  I don't go out of town much, and don't much want to pay shipping that's 1. beyond what a single tennis ball is worth to me and 2. for something that Elka is inevitably going to destroy. There's waste, and then there's exorbitant waste, and we don't want that.

So,  I branched out a tiny bit.

This is the Everpet brand, same as Contestant Number 8, but while I so far haven't been able to find a regular sized EverPet tennis ball (they've only got itty bitt ones at Dollar General, and the Tennis Bones), this time they had a big one!

It's been quite awhile since Elka last got her jaws on a tennis ball, other than to play out back, and she was rip raring to go!

At first, it seemed like Elka was having trouble getting her jaws around the big ball.  She's a determined girl, though.  After about half an hour or forty five minutes (I didn't time it, because I thought either the ball would be promptly destroyed, or would survive her clutches) the ball collapsed under the cloth handle, with pieces falling apart inside the fabric.


  1. D'oh!

    I destroy the tennis balls all the time as well..

    It's just too easy!


  2. I have yet to meet a ball that can't be destroyed


  3. Give these a try - Buster's had his for 2+ years and it still looks like new.

  4. @Luna and @Kari in Vegas: That's kind of the point. People say "oh, don't give her "sport" tennis balls", but the dog ones are so flimsy! It's a brief and fun destructo-game for her!

    @Amy: Those look pretty righteous! I'll have to keep them in mind, I think Elka would love one.