Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dog Tag Art: company and product review (and giveaway!)

As you may have noticed, Elka ends up with quite a lot of jangles on her collar. Other than the bottle opener, and even that one is arguable, I would say that they're all necessary. There's her dog license, her rabies tag, her AKC Companion Animal Rescue program tag, and a plain old "dog tag" with her info on it for your average joe. However, I was approached by Dog Tag Art to try out their products and write a review, and I just didn't want to say no. In fact, she doesn't even jangle any more than she did before....miracle of miracles, the tags come with those rubber silencers!

(I love it when a company has a picture of their "founding dog" with their material!)
Dog Tag Art offered me two tags of my choice, and also a lifetime membership with their virtual leash program. The way virtual leash works is that there's a link on the tag, and you can update that page with pictures of your dog, medical information, do the little personality rubrick, have contact information, all that good stuff. If somebody finds your dog, they can go to that site and have all that info at their fingertips. I chose the peacock design for my virtual leash tag, which is one of their premades in their "retro designs" heading. A peacock for my pretty girl, you see. 

For my other tag, I took this image, which I'm rather happy with:

And made it into a custom tag. The interface for this was fast and simple to work with, which was nice. Also, please excuse the quality of this picture, as it does look much better in person. I really should learn more about making my digital photography not suck:

Elka is better sometimes than others about being still for pictures. You get the idea with this one, anyway. I did select the larger size tag, and it is of a good size, and a solid piece of metal. The pictures on the tags are clear and lovely, and that I've noticed, they haven't gotten scratched up at all yet in the couple of days of wear. Stray Elka hairs do get in under the rim of the rubber silencer but, well, I find her hairs everywhere. Even places she has not been, like my job. So that sort of thing is not all that surprising. 

I also got my tags super quick, though I'm not sure if this is representative of their shipment turnarounds across the board, or if I was just special because of my reviewer status. I'd like to err on the side of "they're really just that fast" until proven wrong, anyway. My contact at Dog Tag Art was also very responsive any time I had a question; I assume their customer service would be comparable to a paying customer! Their prices do seem reasonable to me, for the product that you receive.

Which brings me to the exciting part! Dog Tag Art has offered 2 custom dog tags to the readers of The Elka Almanac! I know that with my descriptions and hamhanded pictures, you're raring to order (seriously, ignore my pictures and look at the site. The quality is there.)

So, if you're interested in a free Dog Tag Art tag (2 total are being given away, one per winner, obviously), comment below and tell me what-all it is that your dog has hanging off of his or her collar that makes the jangles happen. Per usual, I will write names of accurate participants on pieces of paper and have Miss Elka V do the honors. 

Your chance to enter will run for one week, starting today, Sunday, July 8 and ending next Sunday, July 15. 


  1. They sound great! And I'd love to enter! Lets see, what does little Nola have on her collar? Her ID tag, microchip tag, (ridiculously huge) rabies tag and a QR tag on her harness.
    Nola's Mom

  2. Gosh our dogs have several collars each. :) They have a name tag on each one though.

  3. Oooh, oooh, I want to enter! :) Juno has tons of tags: she has her University of Michigan ID tag, her CGC tag, her CA Service Dog tag, rabies tag, Trupanion pet insurance tag, and a tag from Smilin Dogs where she only went once. I am lazy about removing superfluous tags! Kaline just has his Michigan ID tag so far ... soon there will be more!

  4. Neither of my dogs janlge at all. With one having a metal allergy, having dog tags (which are all either metal or have metal on them/on the link ring) causes rashes, welts, and running sores. However, these are very nifty dog tags.

  5. Ohh la la! All Parker and Skye's collars have 1 ID tag, so minimal jangling at our house! But I'd love to replace one of the older/grosser tags!

  6. Kyuss has 3 tags on his collar. His rabies (which is due next month! =O) his microchiop tag (which is an ugly yellow) and just a regular old ID tag with his name, our phone number, and an ID number from the Humane Society.

    He actually doesn't jangle often as the only time he wears it, is when we go for walks, or to someone elses; house just in case.

  7. Okay. So. Claire has two collars. The collar that she wears whenever there is even the SLIGHTEST chance of her getting the privilege of being off-leash (aside from the dog park) has a tag with her name on it and my phone number, her rabies tag, and her microchip tag. The other collar doesn't have any tags on it right now, but it will soon have a tag with her name and my number on it - no jangles on that one!

  8. My dogs both have their boring I.D. tags, rabies, and microchip tag hanging on their collars. Thank you for hosting this unique giveaway.

  9. Name tag and rabies tag on a transfer ring so I can switch collars easily.

  10. Im to late my dog spike has alot of different tags to go on his collar i change that ones a month or so.