Saturday, December 8, 2012

Do you do audiobooks?

Not really dog related (I mean, we could play six degrees here, but I don't tend to play the Kevin Bacon one. I relate everything back to Fight Club instead), but I was sent this awesome infographic about free audiobooks that you can download online. Audiobooks aren't really my thing, personally, but we do a brisk "business" of them at the library, and so I was happy to pass this one along. Reading is reading, right? A lot of people listen to them on commutes, or while working out, or while doing housework.

It's a fairly simple process on that site: You download the Ambling book player, and then you download your free audiobooks (Sorry it's so small, but when I leave it "original size" it's just far too HUGE for the site's format).

20 Great Audiobooks


  1. I used to audio book when I had a long commute, but I found them so hit or miss. Tim Curry reading Garth Nix? YES. The others I tried? Less so. Although maybe Tim Curry set the bar a little high.

    Once podcasts came into their own I switched to them. These days I don't have a commute, and I need more motivation while I'm working out.

  2. I listen to a lot of podcasts, too, but enjoy audiobooks as well. I'm all signed up and set on my Nexus 7 tablet :). Thanks!

  3. We listen to them on long car rides, my hubby loves them. They put me to sleep. So I guess for him, it serves a dual purpose. It keeps him awake and me asleep and out of his hair. :-)

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