Thursday, April 4, 2013

Elka, wondering why my sandwich isn't hers.....

There's a certain, intent, "Are you gonna share that" look that Elka has. She's very polite, so long as she knows you aren't intimidated by her (she can be very pushy on people not willing to tell her  things like "off", "down", etc.)

Pictured here is a combination of "Are you gonna share that?" and also "Why are you taking my picture again?"  Perhaps "Why are you taking my picture instead of sharing that?"

Note she didn't drop the squeaky toy even then.

It's funny to me how very clear Elka is with her wants, and also how very clearly she's able to express these things. She "talks" a little bit (saying "Out", anyway), but also speaks very clearly with significant glances and body language. Her Kongs are regularly under the couch, under the coffee table, under somebody's desk. Sometimes she wants them back immediately, and spends time stomping next to whatever the overshadowing piece of furniture is (Elka won't crawl under things). 

Other times, the Kong has "seasoned" under the furniture for enough time, and she'll wander around talking, which she does a lot. We got through the list: Do you need to go out? Are you hungry; do you need food? Are you thirsty; do you need water? Sometimes when I say "Do you need food?" Elka will bring me a Kong. Or, she'll look at an area where she knows a Kong to be, and then looks at me, and looks back. Some humans don't communicate as clearly, and they have words!


  1. I enjoy figuring out what Georgia wants too. And I go through words like you do and wait for the tail to wag, the ears to perk up and for her to run to whatever! Usually, the kitchen ;)

    1. Hah, yeah, the kitchen is the lynchpin for this operation! Food, water, leashes, squeaky toys....

  2. Try do you want peanut butter in your Kong? BOL
    Benny & Lily

  3. I wish Kong would invent a shape that doesn't roll under the sofa. Our floor slopes slightly downwards to (of course) the only place we can put the couch. I'm forever having to pull it out and get Kongs and tennis balls and such out of there. Silas is pretty clear about it--he either sticks his head under the edge of the couch and cries, or he digs at the floor closest to the desired object.