Friday, October 3, 2014

Chelsea at Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus

I saw this all-natural girl on the Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus Facebook page and had to share! She just blew my mind.

Chelsea is 2 years old, natural ears and tail, black and tan. She was picked up as an underweight stray, and she's blind. But everything about Chelsea is what I love about the Doberman breed! Remember BRAINS and beauty!

(picture from Chelsea's page on the IDR website)

Take a look at the picture there. Do you see the lemon hanging off Chelsea's bowl? That isn't there for garnish. Lemon and lemon essential oil is how Chelsea's foster home trained her to know where the water is. Additionally, they used peppermint to train her where the stairs were. Think about how amazing that is for a second. I'll wait.

(picture from Chelsea's page on the IDR website)

Chelsea was adopted once, and has just been returned to IDR. The family tried to make it work, but this inquisitive, drivey pup just can't leave the cats alone! She won't hurt them, that anybody can tell, but she's absorbed with chasing them down. Her adopters say she gets along well with other dogs, but would probably do best as an only dog. She walks well on a leash, and trusts her person utterly. And oh yeah, want to know the way she knew where in the yard to do her business? They tied a clothesline from the back door to the potty area, and she touched it to get there and back again. 

Chelsea sounds smart, smart, smart! I really want to know what else she has trained using scents and stuff, because that's one of the coolest things I have ever heard, hands down. Chelsea would be great as dog to do nosework or obedience with, with her brains and drive. She's also super Velcro, according to her IDR page (it's the rare Doberman who isn't).

(picture from Chelsea's page on the IDR website)

For your edification, you can read about the Illinois Doberman Rescue adoption process here, and heres's a link to the IDR Doberman adoption application. If you have questions, and/or think Chelsea sounds PERFECT for you and your life, you can email info AT ILDobeRescue DOT com.


  1. I'm so sad that the family couldn't keep this wonderful girl... I hope for a forever home for Chelsea... and I will share this post, hope it will help.

    1. It sounds to me like the family is sad too, they really tried. It's the best decision sometimes.

      Thank you for sharing!