Monday, October 27, 2014

Special Needs Dobermans senior of the week: Spike

Spike is Special Needs Dobermans' Senior of the Week. I saw his picture on Facebook and...look at that face!

Spike is a 9 year old male black and rust, natural eared, docked Doberman in California. He was surrendered to a shelter by his owners, and pulled for Doberman rescue.

He is known to not be good with other male dogs, and they want to make sure of his neuter and thyroid and such before introducing him to the females in rescue. He's looking for a forever home, or a sponsor.

Spike is a quiet, affectionate boy who is still playful and active. He's on thyroid medication, and has a tumor in his abdomen that the vets are taking a wait and see approach on, as it is involved with the blood vessels.

You can Sponsor a Senior like Spike via PayPal or check, with more information on this page. If you are interested in adopting Spike and learning information about his adoption requirements, you can email dobierescue AT earthlink DOT net.


  1. So handsome. And I'm so glad he's out of the shelter!

    1. I'm glad too! Shelter environments aren't so great for animals.

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