Thursday, August 1, 2013

Recall: Dogswell Chicken and Duck Jerky Treats

Dogswell has voluntarily recalled chicken breast and duck jerky treats for "antibiotic residue". Products affected are those with a "Best by" date of January 29 2015, and earlier.

(image from Amazon)

The treats are made in China. According to the Dogswell web site, they manufacture their treats in China because:

China is a country where dark meat is more popular due to its inherent fat and flavor. DOGSWELL believes it is less wasteful to obtain our white meat in China where it is abundant, rather than sourcing it domestically, where white meat is less available and held at a premium. Not only do we care about your pet's health by sourcing only the healthiest meat available, we also practice sustainability by reducing as much waste as possible.
Personally, I don't think dogs care if they're eating chicken breasts or not. People who feed raw will feed necks and feet. So really, it seems to me more that their answer is "Making treats in China is cheap." Good spin, though. And really, it could be more sustainable to source the protein in China. I don't know about comparative poultry markets, and that's a fact. According to the Dogswell link above, the chicken is cage free, which I dig. I do know that I no longer buy dog treats or food that are made in China, because there have been so many recalls, and so many problems I've read about.

Granted, it's hard to find safe things anywhere. Seriously, our bagged salad is apparently suspect. But, you do what you can.

The article on mentions that the antibiotic is one that is not approved for use in the United States, but is in Europe. For what that's worth.

Consumers can email with questions and concerns, or call 1-888-559-8833


  1. Thanks for the recall update Elka...I just refuse to buy any edible products (for me or for Gizmo) that come from China...There's just too much to lose

  2. Yep, you just absolutely positively cannot trust any food product that comes out of China. After the seemingly endless number of recalls, it really chaps my hide that any US-based company is even still processing anything in China. But like you say, it's cheap.
    Thanks for posting this recall! I know there are people out there who just trust the good marketing and don't pay attention to exactly what they're buying/where the treats are being made until a recall like this comes up.
    Will share!

  3. Thanks for the information, Elka. I think better we shouldn't buy this china thingies.

  4. Yups, you can't be positive about anything, butt I will take US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc, over China. Hands down.
    Oh, and you HAVE to read the packages REALLY carefully. Here's a trick Ma has noticed lately...the package will say 'Distributed by'...and a US company and address, but if you look closely, it will say 'Product of China', or some other country. Since now there is a law that says that they HAVE to put where the product is made, it will be there. If you can't find it, don't buy it.
    Ruby ♥