Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My first guest blog, over at Doodling Dogs!

Go on over to Doodling Dogs and check out the guest blog that I wrote.  Emily kindly asked me to do one for her breed of the week, the Doberman!  I really enjoy reading Doodling Dogs, and I was excited and grateful for this opportunity. I hope you go read it, and look around at the other great posts that Emily has written there!


  1. Just came from reading your guest post and really enjoyed it! I was amazed at the people flapping their arms and running away from Elka, but I guess nothing should be a surprise.

    Elka is a beautiful girl! :)

  2. Wonderful guest post, congratulations:) Dobes aren't at all common in New Zealand. I love them but I think Beryl is as close as I'll get to having one, with her docked tail and ears that can prick:)

  3. Thanks very much! (to both of you)

    @Julie: one flapping-arms person was a 10 year old. One runner, sans arm-flapping, was a middle aged woman jogger, who really could've just been crossing the street on her normal route. I didn't ask, as she was also avoiding eye contact.

    @Greyhounds CAN Sit: I've actually heard a lot of Australian Dobermans are having New Zealand litters, because of cropping/docking bans. Or maybe it's vice-versa; I should know it, and look it back up, but I am in fact tired.

    I was very excited to do my first guest post! It's one of the things that "they" tell you to do to be a successful blogger!