Saturday, September 10, 2011

Walking on a sunny day

With fall fast approaching (here, anyway), the sunny days seem that much more precious and few.  

When Elka and I take our walks, we don't just walk. If we're on the sidewalk, we practice "automatic sits" (Elka sits when I stop, preferably at heel).  We practice "look at me".  And oh yes, we practice heel.  Sometimes that goes better than others; at the beginnings of our walks, Elka is very excited to go go go, and has to be reminded, sometimes frequently, that she really should be walking with me.  Frequently, "excuse me" is enough to reach her. Other times, I have to stop walking and wait, and then she comes back to me and sits.
At the park (see the nice grass?), we practice down, down-stays, and recall.  These pictures were from the end of our circuit about the park, which we walk some, and run some, and play around.  Elka is more than happy to lay down, and stay, at the end of the walk.  It makes it easier to put the long leash away and get the treats settled when she's in this position, and it's a good and easy time to "capture" the behavior and praise her for it.

I in fact tried to get her to look at me, which she would, until the camera was in front of my face.  Cameras must be rather unsettling for dogs; at best, they look like unblinking eyes, staring them down.  At worst, there isn't really a comparison to the weird things that people hold up to their faces, that occasionally flash.  

She doesn't seem all that worried, though.  Her eyes in the picture below are extremely soft, and she actually looks rather pleased with herself.

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  1. She is such a beautiful dog and she looks so happy to be outside in the sunshine!

    I don't know what it is with cameras, but it takes a lot of work to get my dog to look at me when I am holding one up. Often she turns her head at the exact moment I press the button. Almost as if she knows what I am doing and likes to drive me crazy! :-P