Thursday, September 22, 2011

Product Review: Whole Life Pet treats

I like finding free samples to order online. "Free stuff" is a hard thing to resist, for sure.  It might be genetic.  So, finding free dog stuff online is even better!

I have a profile on and was glancing through the forum one day when I saw a post "I got my free samples!"  I thought, "Oh?"  and clicked, and was taken to the Whole Life Pet web site.  Made in the USA? Quality ingredients?  Single protein sources?  Okay, where do I sign up?

I confess, I did mention in the comments section of the free sample form that I had this blog, and that I would likely review the product I received.  I don't know if that affected the quantity of what I received in any way, but I was surprised, to say in the least.

Each treat is an okay size. They break up smaller without completely crumbling to dust, and I've used them a bit while free-shaping Elka to go to her bed.  They smell like, well, meat, but it's not a lasting smell, nor a particularly offensive one.

Elka is very pleased with them, to say in the least.  The smell certainly appeals to her doggie senses, and they're MEAT.  Meat without other stuff in it.  Freeze-dried, and with an apparently shelf life of a year, according to the Whole Life Pet FAQ.  Really, the downside is that you can't order right from their site (other than samples), and currently I'm not really sure what a bag of the treats cost, or what the size of a bag is.   Probably a little spendy, but if I used it as a high value treat intermingled with other things during a training session, I don't imagine I'd go through a bag very fast.

I've used them sparingly so far, but Elka seems to really enjoy them.  She was truly excited when the bag came in the mail, that's for sure!  I'd say that these treats get the Elka Seal of Approval

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