Saturday, September 3, 2011

We Won A Contest!

Or, more correctly, it was a Giveaway from Modern Dog magazine.

I entered the giveaway for Canine Caviar sometime in July, and then mostly forgot about it.  This blogging and social networking thing can be hard work!  The Internet is so big, you get stretched out all over the place.  Then, August 3, I received the email: we won!  Elka was very excited.

Then I forgot again.  And then, on Thursday, a package came in the mail, return address "Canine Caviar", and it was a pretty weighty box.  Inside was a 3.3 pound bag of Canine Caviar "Venison and Split Pea" food, and a package of "Buffalo treats"; I'm unclear on what part of the Buffalo they are, exactly.  I'm sure Elka will be happy to chow down, regardless.

On Dog Food Analysis, Canine Caviar's "Venison Split Pea" flavor is a 3 star food; so, not too bad, not quite the level of what Taste of the Wild is.  Really, I'm not looking for a different food to switch to anyway, I just saw the giveaway and thought "Yeah, free stuff".  Free stuff is hard to resist.  An unexpected bonus is that the Canine Caviar individual kibbles are about pea-sized, and thus will make splendid training treats.  They aren't individually oily or smelly, and don't gum up my hands in the process of handling the food to give to Elka.  She seems to enjoy it, which is good.  I'm not sure how long a 3.3 pound bag of tiny kibbles will last for treats, but at this rate, I'm thinking months.  

So, thank you, Modern Dog, and thank you, Canine Caviar!


  1. Bunny is thinking right now that she completely deserves some Canine Caviar! I can only imagine the new lists of demands that would start if we found that here! I hope Elka is enjoying it!

  2. That Bunny does all she can to rule the house with an iron paw! ;)

    Elka seems to like it well enough; as I said, I'm distributing it in treat form, and she's clearly interested. Sometimes in the house she goes and looks at the bag too. It doesn't make her come "to attention" the way my turkey meatballs do, but it's pretty good!

  3. Lucky Elka! Hope she enjoys her goodies.

    Especially the "package of "Buffalo treats"; I'm unclear on what part of the Buffalo they are, exactly."

    I wasn't sure if you were joking about the part of the buffalo the treats came from (humor can be tough online). If you weren't, send me an email and I'll be glad to fill you in.

    Just be aware that the men in your life probably wouldn't be too happy to see Elka chewing on them in their presence.

    That said, most dogs Looooooooo bully sticks as treats (their more common name).

  4. Oh, I assumed they were, er, "buffalo-y" sticks, but they're very short. So I thought they might be tendons or something; they certainly smell like roadkill. I wish the "dried animal parts" market would figure out a way to dry things odor free across the board.

    Yes, Elka does love bully sticks ;) I also got her a "steer stick" from Clean Run once (cheaper, for some reason), but it was like of like a big Cheeto, I just held it for her and she buzzsawed it right down.