Monday, September 5, 2011

Doberman Assistance Network Flower Power fundraiser

I mentioned back in June that the Doberman Assistance Network had a fundraiser through Flower Power fundraising.  Well, the fundraiser is still going until October 28, though currently The Doberman Assistance Network has only raised $114 out of their $500 goal.

A few items you may have missed, or that may catch your eye:  some lovely Daffodils, to grace your lawn come springtime:

Or perhaps some Alliums, which I think are really cool looking, and are apparently deer resistant.

To avoid misunderstanding, you aren't ordering fresh flowers bouquet-style, but rather bulbs to plant in your garden (or other location of your choice. You might be into guerilla gardening, for all I know), which will come back year after year.  And 50% of what you spend on these flowers goes to the Doberman Assistance Network, which works very hard every day out of the year to pull Dobermans in need out of kill shelters and bad situations, and put them into safe shelters, rescues, and foster homes.

Unfortunately, for every Doberman who has a loving home, and all the food and toys and affection he or she can wish for, there are plenty who do not.  Even if you don't want a dog, you might be into gardening, and that's a good way for you to help.  Plus, the prices seem pretty decent to me, though I am not into gardening, and haven't shopped around at all.

Additionally, you get free daffodils with every order.  So, to recap, beautify your house at a decent price, help Dobermans in need, and get more bulbs free for more beautification?  I think this gets the Elka seal of approval.  She likes flowers.

(flower images are from the Flower Power web site, and not owned or taken by me)

Added September 8:  Up to $133!: Doberman Assistance Network Flower Power Fundraiser

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