Friday, May 4, 2012

Diamond Pet Food Expands Voluntary Recall

Diamond Pet foods has expanded their voluntary recall.

Here's the link here of the affected brands and affected states, on The Truth About Pet Food:

From that site:

  • Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul
  • Country Value
  • Diamond
  • Diamond Naturals
  • Premium Edge
  • Professional
  • 4Health
  • Taste of the Wild

Much to my dismay, the Taste of the Wild that we feed Elka is on that list. I thought I was so smart, but not smart enough; I didn't know that Diamond Foods owned Taste of the Wild.

More information is at , and they can be called 7 days a week, apparently, at 1-866-918-8756, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST

Also, here is a link to the Refund Protocol.


  1. I just found out that Natural Balance is on the list, not the variety I use but still. I would not have chosen it if i had known they farmed out the manufacturing to Diamond Foods.

    1. Yeah, I thought Taste of the Wild was manufactured by, y'know, Taste of the Wild.

      And I hadn't known about the 2005 Diamond Foods recall and tainted food; that was Before Elka.

  2. Diamond makes a lot of dog foods. We feed Taste of the Wild too. It is a good food.

    1. I do agree that Taste of the Wild is a good food. My problem is that a good food produced in a bad factory makes it into bad, illness inducing food. We're just going to use something else for a little while, as our most recent bag of Taste of the Wild in fact fell within the recall per the instructions given.