Thursday, March 14, 2013

Doberman Rescue Minnesota

I've posted a lot about the Doberman Assistance Network, and about Special Needs Dobermans, and so I figured it was about time to talk about other Doberman rescue organizations in the country (seeing as how DAN, in and of itself, is not a rescue).

Special Needs Dobermans works with many organizations, and actually, in their most recent newsletter, had to announce that they're no longer funding private cases, due to a severe downswing in monies gained through fundraising. So, cases like Whisper in West Virginia will have to go unaided by SND and rely on private fundraising instead. One of the organizations that SND works with is Doberman Rescue Minnesota.

Doberman Rescue Minnesota was founded in the year 2000, and is one of the rescues which relies upon membership fostering as opposed to having a facility in which they kennel the dogs. Personally, I find this to be a fabulous way to do rescue, as the "shelter environment", even in a breed rescue, can be very shocking for a dog. You can end up with things like kennel aggression, you can end up with a dog who is withdrawn and/or overstimulated due to the volume of other dogs and the traffic through a facility.

(Pheonix [sic] from the DRM site)

A dog in somebody's home (theoretically, a Doberman savvy home, which is an added bonus) is a dog likely to be more comfortable, and more likely to act natural. It helps a good deal when it comes to those little details like "dog friendly", "needs a home with no cats", or "good with kids."

One fantastic fundraiser that they have is through Benefit Wines (which Dogster actually mentioned this past week). Each bottle purchase benefits Dobermans in rescue, and each of the different varieties has pictures on the label taken of dogs that came through DRM. Personally, I don't like wine, but I know people who do. They might have gifts of Doberman rescue wine in their future!

Another means by which DRM raises funds is through selling t shirts and sweatshirts, and through Ebay auction. They have earrings, dog toys, etc.  We know it's hard to go wrong with a food dispensing toy, right? Right!

Something that is increasingly important to mention is that Doberman Rescue Minnesota is a registered not for profit, 501C organization. It is run by volunteers. Sooner or later here, I'm going to write a "how to find a reputable rescue" page, much like how I have the "reputable breeder" one. These things can be very important, for the safety and security of the dogs, and of the families involved. If you're in this neck of the woods and think you're interested in one of the Dobermans you see on their site, you might want to look over their Adoption Application and accompanying information.

(Manny, from the DRM site)

There are, as always, a number of available dogs.

(Beau, from the DRM site)

They also are always accepting direct donations, which you can make via Paypal. A current Doberman in need is Beau, who has a torn ACL and needs surgery. The surgenos that DRM is working with has generously discounted the price, but it does still total $1500. Special Needs Dobermans is another place where you can donate for Beau's surgery, another example of how these marvelous organizations all work together for the benefit of these dogs. According to the DRM site:
 Beau is also a fan of the pigskin. If you ask Beau, "Are you ready for some football?" he will go grab his football and play keep away with you! After he finally gives up the football, if you tell him to "go long" he will run for the pass!

What a cool dog!

(Dutchess, from the DRM site)

I've heard a lot of people rule out rescue as an option for their household because they don't know what they're getting. I can see this as a valid concern, and you should be able to get the dog you want. I can also point out that dogs fostered in home environments do give you a good idea of what you're getting. Also, if you adopt an adult dog, you get to skip over that frazzled, frenetic puppy stage that many of us forget about as soon as we can close the door on it. Adult dogs come with manners and training in place (in varying degrees, obviously), and their own delightful quirks and personalities, like Beau's love for FUHBALL, and Dutchess' (pictured above) need to have a "conversation" with her foster mom every once in awhile. Not every dog is right for everybody, and not every puppy is either. 

Also, this Saturday (March 16), DRM in conjunction with the Minneapolis St. Patrick's Day Association invites everybody and their well behaved Dobermans to come and take part in the parade! They have $20 DRM t shirts, and you can email  mn_doberescue AT Hotmail DOT come to reserve one to be picked up.
The Minneapolis St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be held on Saturday,
March 16th, on the Nicollet Mall beginning 6:30 p.m. [lineup at 6] The parade route
will start at Nicollet and 11th Street till’ it reaches 5th Street.

(picture from DRM newsletter)


  1. Great post! I hope you'll find the time to add that "how to find a reputable rescue" page! I'd love to link to it.

  2. Its a wonderful idea to raise funds through selling t-shirts.Hope i will be able buy some for my friends.Thanks for sharing the details.See you at the parade.

  3. Such a great write up of our group! Thanks so much, Jen! I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but that's my Simon on the far right bottle of wine :)

    Nicole (MeadowCat on DT)

    1. Is that Simon, really? I feel like a doofus for not recognizing him! When the time comes, I'll get the Simon bottle ;)

  4. Thank you for the write up! This is a great post. Thanks for helping get DRM some additional focus.

    1. You're welcome! As I'm not really in a situation to donate heavily, or foster for anybody, I figured getting exposure for rescues would be a good thing!

  5. DRM is a wonderful organization! I have two dobermans that I have adopted through them and each experience has been great. Adopting an adult dog out of foster/rescue is a great way to know if the dog will be a good fit for your family. Hats off to DRM for all the wonderful work they do!

  6. What a great rescue. Tee shirts are always the way to go
    Benny & Lily