Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Safe Jerky Treats?

I occasionally go to both Walmart and Walgreens in my town, and of course I peruse the dog aisles. Cheap dog toys are a blessing sometimes. Of course, there's an increasing suspicion of anything Made in China, due to lead levels and other Bad Stuff found in everything from children's toys to baby formula to dog treats and toys. "Safe" is a state of mind, folks.

(pic unrelated. But seriously, remember spring? Summer?

To my surprise, I have lately seen a type of jerky treats at Walmart that don't look scary. Full Moon is the brand, and they claim to be both made in the USA and have sourced the meat from the USA. The ingredients aren't scary, and when looking at them on Walmart.com,  they say

Full Moon Turkey Sausage Dog Treats:
All natural
100% human-grade ingredients
Grain free
Gluten free
No artificial preservatives
No artificial flavors
No animal meal

However, each variety seems to include green tea extract and rosemary extract, which may or may not have been what gave Elka the runs when we tried the Lickety Stick. Well, I don't think it was the rosemary, as she's had it in many forms, extract and otherwise, with no problems. I'm not sure if these treats are Walmart exclusive? Looking online, it seems other people have asked similar questions on forums, trying to find out about the company. One person seems to have bought them from Petco as well, but a quick search of the Petco site doesn't yield them for me. Somebody in comments on this Truth About Petfood article recommends them. I haven't bought them yet; we're still eking out the Zuke's that Elka got in her Pets Love Toys sample boxes.

At Walgreens, the house brand also seems to have safe jerky style treats. Again, they're labeled made and sourced in the USA and they don't have creepy things in them (off the top of my head, I can't remember the brand; it isn't the Pet Shoppe ones; I'll have to work on my reportage). The "creep factor" is purely a human construct, I know. I mean, Elka licks her butt. I don't know that she cares where her chicken grew up. Neither of these brands are treated with irradiation, according to the packaging, which is something that will make me put a product down if nothing else does.

Have any of you tried either of these jerky treats brands? Do you make your own? Stick with a company named Zuke's?


  1. I've never seen the Full Moon treats in Walmart here in Canada, but I did come across some jerky treats from a brand called Durango.
    They were made in the USA so I bought a pack of Lamb Bites and gave 'em a shot.
    Kyuss loved em. I haven't bought anymore since, but it didn't give him any sort of tummy trouble at all.

  2. Hmmmm, sounds pretty good. We always look for made in USA too. Mom recently bought us "stew" to mix a tiny bit with finicky Lilys kibble . It was Natural Balance Limited ingredients. We got home and noticed it was made in Thailand. Say what! Thailand? On the trash it went
    Benny & Lily

  3. I have yet to see Full Moon treats at Walmart, but we also live in Canada.

    I make most of their meat treats so that I know exactly where they're from and what they're made of. The gang only gets chicken jerky when I see chicken breast on sale, so it's every once in a while. I make them dehydrated beef liver all the time and they love it. It stinks though!

  4. I'm never convinced by "human-grade" ingredients. After all, human food is recalled for e. Coli and salmonella all the time.

    But the only thing you can do it try. Hope these treats continue to work for Elka.

  5. I can't really make a judgment call on these until I actually see an ingredient list. Just saying that it is "human-grade" isn't enough for me. I never buy treats at Walmart or Walgreens just because I think those types of stores are the most likely to sell the stuff from the sketchier companies. Maybe I am a dog treat snob? I don't know. I don't buy Zuke's either.

  6. I avoid jerky treats unless they're the Blue Buffalo ones, and even giving Nola those is rare.
    Nola's Mom

  7. Ma only buys the Pure Bites jerkies bites. She also buys me Red Barn beef strips, and tendons. Ma always buys made in the USA, Canada, Austrlia, New Zeland (that's about all we've seen).
    I've personally never had a problem with any treats cause Ma is pretty careful, butts nothing is full proof. I guess just be as careful as you can, just like human foods.

  8. I'm very suspicious of all treats. "Natural flavoring" is a BIG category, it could be butt juice from a beaver, yes really it could because after all that is natural and I suppose in some circles it is a flavoring.

    I try and stick with treats where I know what the ingredient is when I read its name on the package. If I don't know what the ingredient is, I don't buy it.

    1. LOL - butt juice from a beaver is hilarious!!!!

    2. We can't buy anything with "Natural Flavors" for exactly that reason, Jodi. Zukes gets my super ire because they refused to disclose to me what was in the "natural flavors" of their little training treats, after they made Silas really sick. They wouldn't even tell me *if* there was a meat derived ingredient, let alone which one it was.

      These days I'm having good luck with Bixbi's Pork Jerky Dog Treats, and Goodness Gracious brand turkey jerky. I really prefer to just dehydrate it myself, but turkey breast hasn't turned up in my grocery store for a while.

  9. We've stayed away from jerky treats lately, but I know that the ones from Jones Natural Chews are safe and healthy...Check out Flea's blog at dogtreatweb.com for more info on them...she'll answer any questions you have...I haven't looked for dog treats at Walmart for along time, but will check to see if they have the Full Moon brand here

  10. I've never heard of them, but we've had great luck with Real Meat treats. Been using them for several years now with no issue and the dogs LOVE them.


  11. Seen issues with the chicken which has green tea but not much about the turkey which has rosemary extract. Havent opened it yet but I know his food has it too and no problems with it. Will be trying a little at a time and see how it goes.