Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Golden Collar Awards: Sorry, Blackie

Well, I'm a bit late on this, since I was "covering" Westminster, but if you're only  just now tuning in, I'll try to let you down easy.

Blackie the Doberman did not win the first Golden Collar award.

Better luck next year, I suppose. Or the year after that. We need movies with positive representations of Dobermans in them! I definitely appreciate Scorsese's getting Blackie on the nominees list in the first place. It was ridiculous to me that, if the award show is for "dog actors", they decided to leave one out. I haven't seen any explanation for it anywhere, though I guess I know better than to expect one. 

Hopefully, more movies will come out with Dobermans in them, and show the Doberman breed as it really is, so that people can get over their prejudices. And then. Then, my friends, the Golden Collar will be ours!


  1. That sucks. Even if Blackie was playing a very stereotyped role, it would have been very cool for a Doberman to have won the first Golden Collar.

    Do you know who did win? I'm curious.

    1. Uggie, the Jack Russel from "The Artist" is the one who won.

  2. Replies
    1. I know! It's been a tough week for Dobermans. Lots of highs, lots of lows.

  3. I never heard of this award. Too bad for Blackie.