Thursday, August 30, 2012

ParaMutt Products: sales help Dobermans!

Just last week, I posted about some great stuff on Etsy. This week, I posted about an auction for a collar on eBay (finished by now), that would benefit the Doberman Assistance Network. Well guess what? Today I'm writing about something that combines these two ideas in a wonderful way!

ParaMutts Products is an Etsy store (with a Facebook as well) where you can get a variety of handmade, sometimes custom made, paracord collars for your dog. AND, most of the proceeds from these sales go to the Doberman Assistance Network. Pretty rad, right?

The collars on are modeled by the very handsome Jonesy:

They also come in a variety of styles. There's the metal buckle, above, but also the martingale (also sometimes referred to as a "limited slip"):

There's also a full-on slip collar:

There are a few things for humans as well! You can get a bracelet, or a keychain, to satisfy your survivalist needs. Need a cat collar? Also available!  I am assured that the paracord is extremely durable, and the only time you would run into something like fraying is if you allow your dog to chew on it.

All of these things help Dobermans across the country, which I assure you is a Good Thing. The Doberman Assistance Network deals with new cases constantly. They're a blessing to these dogs, who only want homes and people to love them, as all dogs do. Many dogs rescued from shelters have medical bills that the Doberman Assistance Network covers, with the help of donations, fundraisers, and the work of businesses like ParaMutt Products!


  1. Great idea Elka. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Replies
    1. Aren't they? It seems to me that working with paracord is one of those crafts that I'd love to learn but probably wouldn't be so great at!

  3. Those are very cool! Ma likes the Martingale collars, I am about due for a new one, too! Thanks Elka, those are cool!!



    1. I haven't used a Martingale collar, though I've seen a lot of them that I like the look of. Maybe paracord is the way to go for your new one? ;)

  4. Those are some very cool things!

    1. Yes, I'm probably going to get at least a bracelet for myself!